Virtex-6 FPGA Packaging UG365 (v2.6) October 3, 2018Package Marking

All Virtex-6 devices have package top-markings similar to the example shown in Figure 6-1 and explained in Table 6-1.

Note:The informational product change customer notice XCN11022: Product Marking Change outlines a change to the top marking process from an ink mark to laser marking. The previous top mark included an ink patch.


Figure 6-1:

Virtex-6 Device Package Marking

Table 6-1:

Xilinx Device Marking Definition—Example Item

Definition Xilinx Logo

Xilinx logo, Xilinx name with trademark, and trademark-registered status.Family Brand


Virtex-6 family name with trademark and trademark-registered status. This line is optional and could appear blank.Pb-Free Logo

If the Pb-Free logo appears, the package is RoHS compliant. If the logo does not appear, the package is RoHS compliant if it has the G detailed in the 2nd Line definition below.1st Line Device type.

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