I am a 200% music fan! I’ve got almost every collection of Eric Clapton, a very popular American guitarist and whenever I want to escape from my laborious homework, all that I do is just use my walkman to enjoy Eric’s beautiful lyrics! I will have a blast! And,

According to my mom’s memory, I have been enjoying singing in the public ever since I was a kindergarten boy! Then, I started my own rock band and made several records of my songs and used them as gifts to my friends in my high-school graduation ceremony. And now I still love singing songs but only to myself but to my beloved girl as well. I am nuts about music! (119)

2.政治/ 一次XX的经历

I may go into politics, just like Bill Clinton. I used to run for student body president of my university. Because if I want to become a politician one day, I should get some experience

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