Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world单元练习题答案


Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world?单元练习题

I. 单项填空

( )1. Tom is taller than ___________ student in his class.

A. any B.the other C.any other D.other any

( )2. —What’s ___________ mountain in the world?

—Qomolangma. It’s 8,844.43 meters high. A. highest B. the highest C. higher D the higher

( )3. Could you speak in a __________ voice? We can hardly hear you.

A. friendlier B. louder C. softer D. lovelier

( )4. —Which one do you like_________?— Neither, thanks. A.better B.the better C.best D .the best

( )5.The store has __________ the prices. The things there are cheaper than before.

A. kept B. put C. improved D. cut

( )6. —Did you know China is one of the oldest countries in the world?

—Yes, I did. It’s much older than the US.

A. much older B. more older C. much elder D. more elder

( )7.—Which is __________, Town Cinema, Screen City or Movie Palace?

—Movie Palace.

A. popular B. more popular C. the most popular D. much more popular

( )8.You are ________ now, Victor. So you should wash your clothes by yourself.

A. enough young B. young enough C. enough old D. old enough

( )9. Yao Ming is one of________most popular________in China. A.a ; players B.the ; players C.an ;runners D.much; runners ( )10. — How far is it from school? — About ___________.

A.5 minutes on feet B.5 minutes walk C.5 minutes’ walk D.5 minutes-walk ( )11.Shanghai is________the east of China and Japan is ________the east of China. A.in ;in B.to ; to C.to ; in D.in ; to ( )12. —How does your father go to work?

—On foot. Our house __________ his office.

A. is different from B. is close to C. is far from D. is the same as

( )13.— __________ do you think is the best performer? —Mary. Of course.

A. Who B. When C. What D. Why

( )14.There isn’t an airport near here. The _______ one is about 90 miles away.

A. busiest B. farthest C. newest D. nearest

( )15. —No ocean in the world is __________ the Pacific Ocean.

—That’s right! It’s the biggest ocean in the world.

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