The Remuneration systems of AG Bells ltd

Introduction: this report is all about the A G Bell ltd. First, it introduces the key objective and constraint of this organization. Then, it talks about the remuneration system and the difference between non-analytical job evaluation schemes and analytical job evaluation schemes and able the non-analytical job evaluation. Last, it explains single status culture.


Remuneration refers to the total pay and benefits that are offered to an employee in exchange for their labor. In the organization the objective of remuneration system are related to the objective of the whole organization.

(1) To attract sufficient suitable employees;

(2) To motivate employees to improve their performance, or deal with poor performers;

(3) To reducing costs.

When establish the objective of remuneration system, we should notice three point:

(1) In the organization we can use excellence payment system and the level employer enjoy employee work hard for motivation staff.

(2) For attract and retain excellence staff to finish the objective of the organization, the organization should have some competitiveness compare with other organization.

(3) The remuneration system should reflect fair (include inside and outside) for avoid staff come dissatisfied.

In the organization they also exist many constraints in remuneration system. An organization‘s approach to remuneration will be influenced by a variety of external and internal constraints.

(1) The organization’s finances. When the organization prepare implement some plan, if they don’t have enough money it will influence the plan implement. The organization’s finance will also influence the remuneration system. If the finance situation is bad, the remuneration may be easily and simple

(2) Labor market supply and demand. If the market supply is shortage and the demand is increase. The remuneration system will more effectively and good for the employees to attract them.

(3) Government pays regulations. If the governments increase the minimum salary standards, it will influence the organization remuneration system, the organization will increase the salary.

Section 2

Pay systems fall into two main categories: Basic rate systems and Performance relation system.

(1) Basic rate systems are that the pay does not vary in relation to achievements or performance.

Basic rate systems feature:

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